Est. 2014


A European Arma 3 community that aims to balance serious tactics with fun gameplay

What We Offer


The average age of our members is 25 years old. Both Arma veterans and newcomers to the series are welcome at Carpe Noctem – previous Arma experience is appreciated but not required. Our play style is semi-serious and inspired by ShackTac. Our goal is to have serious fun, not a tedious boot camp simulation.


CNTO is not a community where people call each other “sir” or which features other hardcore role-playing aspects generally associated with milsim units. We use a rank structure, but it serves administrative purposes only, in daily interactions we are completely equal to one another.

Weekly Events

We host Arma 3 operations every Tuesday and Friday at 8pm CET/CEST. During the week we play a variety of different games together. Our attendance policy is very flexible and extended Leave of Absence (LoA) are allowed. We do not punish members for having a life.

Experienced Mission Making

CNTO has been creating Arma 3 operations since 2014 and we have accumulated a vast knowledgebase over the years. If you are interested in mission making our talented staff will gladly show you the ropes.

On-Demand Qualifications

Carpe Noctem does not mandate participation in training sessions. Instead we offer voluntary qualifications which reward you with priority picks for specialised roles such as squad leader, medic, pilots and tank crew.

Inhouse Development

A dedicated dev team enhances our Arma 3 experience with inhouse mods and compositions. We host our server hardware internally for optimal performance and improved customizability.

Our Requirements

  • Minimum age: 18+
    Rare exceptions are possible depending on how well the interview stage and probation period are passed.

  • Good-natured and mature

  • Timezone range: between UTC-2 and UTC+3

    Exceptions are possible depending on the individual’s ping to our server. Check this interactive map if you don’t know your UTC timezone.

  • Intermediate English – both spoken and written

An established community built to last

Est. 2014




Cups Of Coffee

What makes us different

We like a challenge. Our standard loadouts feature 1x-2x magnification sights and the typical engagement range is medium to up-close-and-personal. Powerful vehicle assets are limited in order to not negatively impact the enjoyment of infantry players.

We offer variety. You are not locked into a specific combat role or limited to play as a single faction. Full members can pick any role available and we play a large variety of different factions – from modern SpecOps to WW2, from Wild West Cowboys to Santa’s Elves and everything in between.

We focus on cooperation. Lone-wolfing is strongly discouraged, our loadouts are always balanced to ensure that players have to work as a team to accomplish their tasks.

Prominent Mods

Mod ACE3
Mod NiArms
Mod 3CB
Mod 3den Enhanced

Our Sponsors

Mod ACE3